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IQM | COVID -19 Update - Please Click Here

IQM | COVID -19 Update

As school closures take effect across the UK we are responding to this change by offering our services online where possible whilst still enabling schools to work with Inclusion Quality Mark in furthering their inclusion journey.

Annual Reviews

Taking into account the amount of effort and commitment from colleagues in schools in preparing for Centre of Excellence and Flagship reviews, we are suggesting carrying these out online if the school wishes. We will be in touch via email to discuss the process with you. If this is something you wish to avail of, please get in touch with us to make the arrangements. We can do this on the date you have originally booked or can book a new date if it is more convenient for you. We would strongly recommend that you continue to submit your paperwork as normal and we will feedback on this to you.


All one day assessments have been cancelled until further notice. We would strongly recommend that you continue to submit your paperwork as normal. IQM staff will be working from home during this period and will be able to feed back to you on any paperwork submitted. We will monitor the situation and will be in touch with you in due course to rebook assessments.

Two day assessments are being treated differently – see below

Day 1 – Will be conducted online via Zoom and telephone calls with the school receiving an interim report to include their Inclusive School Award confirmation where applicable.  For those schools interested in Centre of Excellence status, the school will then be asked to complete a COE Action Plan and submit.

Day 2 –  A visit by the assessor to the school once the school is back up and running at a mutually agreed date with a report to include the interim report.

Registered Schools

If your school has registered to do the award but is not at the assessment stage and you are working your way through our Self Evaluation Report document, please feel free to submit one or two elements at a time for feedback to elements@iqmaward.com and members of our team will continue to feedback as normal.

Interested in Inclusive School Award

Finally, if you haven’t begun the process yet but would like more information on the award, please contact us at info@iqmaward.com or download a free information pack from our website www.iqmaward.com.

Look after yourselves and stay safe.

The IQM Team